Water Sports Package In Goa Goa

Water Sports In Goa

Can there be anything more exciting than playing in the water? Young or old, everyone loves the feeling of splashing in the water. Water Sports in Goa is a big thing. Your trip cannot be complete if you don’t try at least one sport. Goa...

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Dhudhasagar water fall - Feature img Goa

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Dudhsagar means the sea of milk. Located near the Goa-Karnataka border, the waterfalls are one of the highest waterfalls in India. As the water rushes down the rocks from a height of 130 m, it creates a mystic image of milk flowing...

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Scuba Diving in Goa Goa

Scuba Diving in Goa

Scuba diving is a famous sport all over the world. It is a type of underwater diving in which the diver uses a scuba (self-contained breathing apparatus) to breathe underwater. Scuba diving requires training and certification from diving associations like PADI. Do you...

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