Tour overview

Can there be anything more exciting than playing in the water? Young or old, everyone loves the feeling of splashing in the water. Water Sports in Goa is a big thing. Your trip cannot be complete if you don’t try at least one sport. Goa SRC 375 offers you the best Goa water sports rates in the state. When coupled with the years of experience we have, you should take advantage of a double bonus.  

  • Jet Ski: It is similar to ride a high-speed bike. Except that, you will be riding it on the waves in the sea. 
  • Speed Boat Ride: Riding a speedboat is so much fun! You can feel the salty breeze tickle your skin. 
  • Parasailing: Imagine flying on the water. Parasailing is the best water sport for adventure lovers. There is no separate parasailing cost in Goa. It is included in our package. 
  • Bumper Ride: Also known as Ringo Ride, the bumper is a ring-like tube, which is pulled by a speedboat. You sit on the ring as the speedboat tugs it along. 
  • Banana Boat Ride: As the name suggests, a banana-shaped balloon-like boat is pulled by a speed boat. Four people can ride the banana boat at once. 

Timing :

Anytime between 8: 00 AM to 5:00 PM


  • Parasailing
  • Banana Boat Ride
  • Speed Boat Ride
  • Jet-ski Ride
  • Bumper ride

Not Included

  • Pick & Drop
  • Food & Drinks